Personal growth books, it is said, are full of inapplicable advice: wake up at 4.30, eat some fruit, preferably . Blended with a little protein powder, then do an hour of sport (run, and keep your rhythm thanks to your multifunction digital watch), and then meditate in silence for at least twenty minutes – in silence, please. Let the workers who have been drilling the asphalt right under your window know for a week. At 7.30 a cold shower, which awakens your muscles, and without risking. Frostbite, put on your impeccable clothes to start the day.

Maybe it’s not so much a rumor or prejudice after all

The truth is that, yes, many self-help and Albania Whatsapp Number List personal growth manuals offer unachievable advice. Magic formulas to regain control of your life, to work better and less, but earning more; to live happily ever.  When, then, I read the title of this text, when i grow up , i thought it was the same old story. But you can never be curious enough, so I turned the book over and read the back cover.

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This book is: a path of generative questions to understand

Will is power» or worse «Nothing can be Albania WhatsApp Number List changed an interdisciplinary. research on the new world of work.” Giulio Xhaët fulfills his promises, embarking on a journey into the possibilities. That await us: how many people can you become in the next 10 years? Perhaps this is the most generative question in the entire manual. And I would like to draw attention to this, as the author does, to encourage us to admire the beauty of learning more closely. “People who deep down think they can change tend to love what they do more, even in difficult moments.

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