I was born in Bologna in 1988, even if I wouldn’t say so by name. Grateful and proud to be Bolognese, I love my city. I have a degree in management engineering. After completing my studies, I worked as an end user as a production planner. After 3 years of this type of experience I moved into consultancy. My path is very similar to yours, and it’s a somewhat unusual path. In your case, what pushed you to enter the world of consultancy? In the company where I was an end user they were implementing SAP; I had done my degree thesis on SAP and given this, as well as my propensity to learn new things, I became a Key User of the project.

This encouraged me to test myself in the world of consultancy

I started as a Key User for the PP area and Armenia Whatsapp Number List gradually became one for other areas too, thus becoming a point of reference for users. . So, in your opinion, what is the added value of having previously worked at a final company? You can undoubtedly understand the customer’s dynamics and difficulties more immediately and it is easier to empathize with them. It is easier to identify with the operations of the End User having a similar path behind them. What do you think is the best approach to connect with the customer? Understand the user’s difficulties, put yourself in their shoes, strive to “speak the language” of the end user.

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The end user, compared to the consultant

Has a more practical approach: understanding its Argentina WhatsApp Number List operations in depth is truly the key. I fully agree with your analysis. How long have you been part of Horsa? Since 2017. What do you like to do in your spare time? Are you super organized like at work or more spontaneous with your plans? Organization is part of my nature, but in my free time I tend to be more spontaneous and improvise, perhaps to compensate for the 8 hours of work. Being outdoors recharges me. I like to play sports, I have been practicing yoga and spinning for many years, contrasting sports. Sport, whatever it is, is also a mental training; the mental component is a bit ignored in spinning, but I like to think of the hypothetical .

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