I was born in Modena in 1990. After graduating in Economics, I began my career at Horsa thanks to an Academy organized by the company. I started as a Consultant, following all the “typical” growth steps of this role; Junior Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant and for a good year I became Project Manager. Initially, for a couple of months, I was an FI consultant, then moving on to the CO and PS modules (Project System, ed.). These have been the two common threads of my career so far. Where do you currently live?

Have you moved over the years

If you did, was it for work reasons? The first Indonesia Telegram Number Data years of work I was stationed in Modena; in 2016 I moved to Bologna instead. I was still able to manage my work needs from Modena but, once I joined Horsa, the center of my life moved to Bologna. I love this city and it’s not easy to say it, as a Modenese! What do you like to do in your spare time? I’m a huge sports fan; I mainly follow basketball, but not only. I have always played sports, even though over the years I had to abandon volleyball. The most recent adventure I’ve embarked on is squash.

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I also have a great passion for music; here in

Bologna there is always a concert to see, there Belgium Phone Number List are always exhibitions and events to take part in… In short, you never get bored. You too, like Valeria, have had very rapid professional growth, considering that within a few years you became Project Manager. Was there a moment when you feared you wouldn’t be able to grow anymore? The opportunities have always been there and they have always been very varied, as well as there has been the possibility of going abroad a lot or undertaking a managerial path. Obviously the most difficult period was the lockdown. Since a sort of “routine” was missing, although we can talk about routine in the consultancy field, it was undoubtedly a moment that put everyone to the test.

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