In the previous article we saw all the advantages of choosing to manage factory maintenance. Through an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system . In fact, optimal maintenance of industrial plants is not only the key to keeping machinery and equipment. Performing well, but allows us to detect in time those anomalies which, if not corrected, could cause future failure of the plant. It has therefore become a very important tool for optimizing productivity levels. We know that to pursue these objectives it is essential to give the right. Space to the three maintenance strategies: scheduled, corrective and conditional .

To guarantee continuity of machinery and minimize

Costs due to malfunctions, plant downtime Greece Telegram Number Data or breakdowns, it is necessary to plan and carry. Out each intervention in a timely and flexible manner. The ideal choice is therefore to rely on dedicated software for maintenance management . Move’s Maintenance module Horsa’s digital manufacturing division thought of a maintenance. Management system that was able to satisfy all the customer’s needs. Thanks to the data collected by the software and the ability to interface with the company MES, the parameters are monitored along the production lines, through sensors that are able to transmit the collected data, making it possible to plan all the necessary interventions and minimizing the impact of maintenance on productivity.

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With the module offered by MOVE you have flexible

Maintenance management where the Bahrain Phone Number List planned interventions are immediately available to the maintenance workers from the mobile APP, which also allows them to be managed in real time. Choosing maintenance from an industry 4.0 perspective means wanting to manage operations with the following benefits: Monitoring and tracking of real-time interventions Timely management of changes in priority of interventions Mobile usability Precise control and management of the spare parts used Responsibility of operators. Better control of the maintenance budget Reduction of times and costs from plant downtime through accurate planning of interventions What does the module do in detail?

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