Working to order has some peculiarities compared to mass production. The output of the production process is a potentially unique product and can have a high level of customization. Based on customer needs. All this brings with it a certain level of unpredictability in the various phases of the order , from estimating , to design , to production , testing and acceptance and therefore involves greater risks compared to mass production. In this scenario, a strong involvement of the customer is often necessary who, throughout the entire life cycle of the order itself.

Regardless of these factors, compliance with deadlines

And budget must still be safeguarded , correctly South Korea Phone Number List managing any requests. For changes that occur during the project, in such a way as to guarantee not only the satisfaction. Of the end customer but also the profitability of the order. As previously mentioned, it is essential to take into consideration the expected margins for the order starting from the commercial phase. This is because, for companies that think by order, company profitability is stronglyThe topic of risk management linked to the order also fits into this context, which should be one of the main factors that also determines the contingency to be foreseen in the initial quotation phase.

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On the one hand it is necessary to quote with reasonable

During the entire life cycle of the order, a series of documents Belize Phone Number List are produced. Starting from the commercial proposal, through the contracts, up to all the project and technical. Documentation (drawings, technical data sheets, testing documents, SAL, etc.). Each document, among other things, may have a series of versions based on subsequent. Revisions that are made some of the typical challenges and most common questions. Regarding document management are related to what are the most correct ways .

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