Digitalization is one of the most present challenges within the current business context, it has a strong impact on all areas that make up a company and, consequently, on its employees. Dynamic digital collaboration between team members becomes an essential element to contribute to the improvement of internal processes and to respond to the needs of the new hybrid-work paradigm . In this regard, Wrike is the ideal tool to simplify and speed up collaborative work. Learn more about the topic in this article .

Wrike is a collaborative work management

Tool and this means that, in addition to Afghanistan Whatsapp Number List making the classic features of project management software available to users, such as, mainly: planning , monitoring and control of the progress of projects and activities , workload management , Wrike allows teams to always stay updated on the various tasks, sharing information and documents of all kinds, initiating approvals and increasing visibility (… and transparency!) on operations. Wrike finds ample space in many business areas and in particular in this article we will explore its diffusion in the HR field , presenting our case, Wrike for HR: the Horsa case .

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Human Resource: challenges and needs Technological

Innovation and socio-cultural change also Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List have a strong impact on the human resources field. The pandemic has increased the adoption of alternative working methods. Smart working, which often shortens distances, simplifying work management, sometimes reduces socialization and consequently the resource’s sense of belonging both in relation to their work team and towards the company. For this reason, attention to and sharing of corporate values ​​becomes an issue of fundamental importance, as much as psycho-physical well-being .First of all, the significant increase in HR team collaboration and the reduction in the complexity of operational processes. Wrike, in fact, thanks to numerous automations and customizations , allows you to define and streamline workflows, proposing an extremely engaging user experience .

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