have increased year over year. Most of the customers are,, and Samsung users. However, more than half of orders are placed via phone and desktop. Kicked off the first quarter on Black Friday, the first day of Black Friday brought in twice as many sales for its partners as a regular weekend. The mobile app has 1x the number of sessions compared to desktop and tablets between morning and evening, meaning higher value orders are successfully captured. The cities with the most registered orders are Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iaşi and Brasov. On March 1st, a new round of discounts will follow. Black Friday or Discount Friday is the largest and most successful discount event that arrived in Romania and quickly became an extremely popular phenomenon, as it is not only online stores that offer deep discounts. Devices, electronics and household appliances are the most popular products among Romanians year after year, but retailers in the fashion and accessories, home décor and travel sectors also record significant sales. E-commerce News and News E-commerce Market in Romania Black Friday, e-commerce, online commerce, e-commerce, e-commerce, , , , , online stores, mobile, m-commerce, online payments Browse Article Previous article Technology is not the goal, but Are Tools ă ş Interview Video Next Post If online stores want to produce effective video content, what investments must they expect ş Interview Video Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked Comments Technology is not a goal, it’s a tool ă ş Interview video published on 2020-04-08 Provided by the team At the summit in 2019, I discussed technology and profitability in e-commerce with ă ş, CEO and founding partner relationship between abilities. The full interview with our official correspondent is below. In short, here are some ideas: The big players in the market are directly responsible for its evolution. Whether we are talking about retailers, couriers, payment processors, etc. They are always innovating and must continue to innovate to always be closer to the end customer’s desires. Recently, more and more startups are partnering with enterprises or

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