How to use Google Analytics

What indicators are the most important for a modern commercial resource? The number of unique visitors, the number of applications/orders, income level and other performance indicators. But another question immediately arises: “Is it possible to track all these indicators using one service – conveniently, accurately and without maintaining a huge staff of specialists for these purposes?” Can! And this is done using Google Analytics tools. Today we will tell you in detail what Google Analytic is, how and why modern businesses should use it, what opportunities it opens up, and why it is one of the best web analytics tools in existence. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a proprietary web analysis tool from the search giant Google.

What is Google Analytics?

By implementing it, you can receive comprehensive data about traffic sources, behavioral factors of users on your resource, and much more. So, in Google Analytics you can: track behavioral factors of site visitors; analyze conversion; record and track key Phone Number List business events; perform A/B testing; receive comprehensive information about the effectiveness of different advertising channels; see in real time what is happening on the site and, if necessary, take urgent action. And this is only a small part of the service’s capabilities. There are actually many more of them. Read more about how Google Analytics works and its free tools. What does using Google Analytics provide?

What does using Google Analytics provide?

To effectively promote your product on the Internet and build a successful business, you cannot do without analytics. Google Analytics provides you with comprehensive information about the effectiveness of the site, the specifics of audience interaction with it, as well as the characteristics of this audience itself. Google Analytics is one of the B2B Reviews leading analytics services in the world, with a number of advantages: Functional free version, which in most cases is more than enough. Huge and comprehensive help documentation about Google. Yes, it is a little cumbersome and not always clear, but its presence is a plus in any case. A large community of users – specialists who work in Google Analytics and can help you if necessary.

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