How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Methods Work in 2023

The problem isn’t necessarily that you’re a bad writer. You’re just not using the right strategy to land your first freelance job. Even if you use the best practice advice. Like personalizing your pitch and sharing relevant writing samples. It’s still hard to stand out on a job board. If you feel discouraged and want a more effective strategy to find a freelance writing job. This post will show you exactly how to find and land a high-paying freelance copywriting job in 2023. Freelance writing job boards, like Upwork, Pro Blogger, and even Indeed, are incredibly crowded. With countless writers vying for the same opportunities. For example, this single job ad has over 400 applicants. There’s a good chance that the hiring manager won’t even see your application.

Best Ways To Find Entry-Level

Speaking from personal experience. Most hiring managers select the first decent applicant they receive rather than sifting through several hundred applications. Secondly, many of the best freelance writing clients find their writers through referrals and recommendations. From their networks, so they don’t actively publish job listings. Here are a few more effective methods that help Fax Lists you land better freelance writing jobs in less time (and some can even turn into full-time jobs if you wish!). As someone who has been on both the hiring and applying side of the process. I’ve used numerous methods to land and fill freelance writing gigs. Here are the most successful methods I recommend for landing more high-paying freelance work. 1- Use LinkedIn To Find New Writing Clients Most ideal clients are already on LinkedIn. But cold pitching strategies rarely work.

Should Skip Online Job Boards

I personally receive hundreds of LinkedIn pitches from different freelance writers, and I’ve never responded to one of them. However, I have hired plenty of freelance writers through LinkedIn. The key is to build a LinkedIn following to attract potential clients. Once you have a following, you’ll have a steady flow of clients, and even B2B Reviews if one client churns. You won’t have to spend hours cold-pitching clients. Instead, you’ll still have a steady flow of inbound leads. And your follower count will actually continue to grow exponentially as you build a presence. In contrast, if you rely solely on cold-pitching clients. You’ll have to start again from ground zero when a client churns.

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