How to attract talent: The 4 key questions to succeed

If you add the Digital transformation. The great resignation and the deficit of candidates, what do you get as a result? The reality of a labor market in which everyone wonders. How to attract talent without dying in the attempt. It’s true, the employment landscape is convoluted and it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain. Qualified candidates who fit our company culture. However, it is not impossible. It is simply necessary to lead the change and be able to adapt to new times.

Currently there are two types of companies

According to their way of getting candidates: those that hope that by publishing. A job offer it will Fax Lists come by magic and those that bet on bombarding candidates with direct messages through platforms such as Linkedin. However, in recent years a much more effective. Alternative to hiring talent has appeared, Inbound Recruiting . Many companies have implemented. This strategy since its launch with the aim of putting candidates at the center of any action. Improving the candidate experience and thus being able to attract better talent, without the need to even have active offers.

Table of Contents

How to successfully attract talent? The battle for talent. The book that gives you the answers to these questions How to successfully attract talent? A few weeks ago the work “The Battle for Talent” was published. A book that is revolutionizing the human resources sector. Written by one of the B2B Reviews leading experts in talent attraction in Spain, Jaime Puig. It shows us the innovative strategies that the best companies. in the world are implementing to continue competing in such a complex labor market. Therefore, we could say that this book is the first written content that talks exclusively about the well-known Inbound Recruiting methodology.

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