Match Audience Intent

Paolo works hard to ensure that the video content his team creates matches viewer intent. “We reach people at different times and with different nees and interests.” he says. “It’s not a linear relationship and it’s not always about retail transactions with our business.” If someone has never campe before and REI can confidently. Match Audience Intent. Show them how to get starte. that consumer is more likely to come to REI when it’s time to make a purchase. These are short how-to videos that many marketers employ to create measurable changes in buyer 


Behavior near the act of purchase

But when they extol the virtues of the outdoor lifestyle in a broader sense. he says Paolo and his team are actually Special Database working outside the sales funnel. The documentary Paul’s Boots. which has been viewe more than 1 million times since its release in October 2016. follows the journey of a pair of boots whose owner hope to hike the Appalachian Trail. Although he die before reaching his goal. other hikers wore his boots to complete the trek posthumously. The film was produce in collaboration with Seattle-base filmmaker Duct Tape Then Beer. This is long-form content that is inspirational and motivating. 


While increasing awareness of

The REI brand with your target audience and expanding your customer base for future content. For Paolo. this B2B Reviews range of videos brings home the power of eucating and entertaining at the same time. His team is constantly working on both types of content. allowing them to deliver a steady stream of engaging videos to viewers at various stages of the customer relationship. Carefully selecte relate content: Content marketing requires two funnels 5 types of video content for each stage of the customer journey Teamwork makes dreams come true Paolo is part of REI’s marketing team. leveraging agency and publisher relationships to co-develop and deliver stories to the right audiences. For example. a recent collaboration with Gear Junkie helpe tell a story about a couple picking up trash while


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