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What does CTR mean? Formula & recommendations August 14, 2023 SEO 365 serBrand Engagement: What does it mean and how to develop it? Published On – October 12, 2023 administrator what it means and how to develop it_ 1 How is your business doing in terms of Brand Engagement? Brand Engagement is a concept of significant importance in marketing, but what does it really mean and how does it influence the relationship between companies and consumers? Next, discover everything you need to know about Brand Engagement and how it can help you develop.


Tips for a modern website: 10 signs that your website needs a makeover Published On – January 6, 2024 administrator Web Design website modern_01 What does it mean to have a modern website? As specialists, we would define it like this: simple, intuitive, with a pleasant appearance and valuable content, carefully optimized traffic as possible and provide a browsing experience of the highest standards. In most cases, however, this image is far from reflecting reality. With every project that we take into our own hands and with.


Romanian websites are detached from the. Old and dusty digital landscape of the last decade. Far from everything a responsive, intuitive and friendly web design means . How can you tell if your website also needs a radical change? Here are  clues that should give you food for thought . Conversions are delayed A low conversion rate is not always the consequence. Of an ineffective marketing strategy. If you’re investing in social media and PPC campaigns without. Achieving a conversion rate of at leas, there’s a pretty high probability that it’s not the promotion that’s to blame.

Match Audience Intent

Paolo works hard to ensure that the video content his team creates matches viewer intent. “We reach people at different times and […]

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