Most common SEO errors found in audits and how to solve them

All content will be based on the presentation made, within the framework of by Antonio López, SEO director of his own agency and founder of El Blog del SEO. Let’s start listing the errors, but not before laying the main foundations of what you Most common SEO errors found in audits and how to solve them need before doing an SEO audit. What to consider before doing an SEO Audit? Any type of successful SEO audit must carry out an analysis before even thinking about creating an SEO strategy. When we want to audit a web page, we need to take into account several key points: You need tools. Later we will see many common errors that, although they can be seen without using any tools, the truth is that when we see more technical errors, we need to use them. 

Never forget your subdomains

If you work with subdomains , you have to be vigilant because the audit cannot be general, but on the contrary. You must do an audit for each of the subdomains you have. Of course, this has to go hand in hand with the objectives of your strategy, business or Phone Number Data what you want to achieve with the audit, so that you can then see each of the points that we place here, in each of the subdomains. Normally websites have a clone in which all the tests are carried out and if they do not put restrictions on it, it can also be indexed simultaneously with the site that is on the air, this causes them to begin to compete with each other and generates duplicate content.

Indexable filters without any control

Not always. When an SEO audit starts to show errors you will find many types and although many of the ones we find here are technical, this does not mean that they are the only ones you will find. The content of your website, the keywords, the inclusion B2B Reviews of semantics, are many other things that you can find that are directly related to errors of other kinds. You always have to be careful when auditing web pages, since the technical aspect of SEO is not the only aspect to take into account. Will SEO tools do the complete audit? Yes and no. Although SEO analysis tools like SEMrush or are quite useful. You can’t depend on them. 

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