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More such  Black Friday was much bigger and better in terms of customers and sales. According to data releas by the National Retail Foundation, million Americans shopp on Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Thanksgiving. Let’s take a closer look at what the statistics say: In , Thanksgiving was able to generate . % more online sales compar to . The average purchase in increas by % compar to . Revenues of $ . billion were generat during Cyber ​​Monday, an increase of . % compar to . Quite prictably, Black Friday will exce these numbers again.

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More such  So now is the right time to plan and make the most of email marketing this Phone Number Data year. How to proce ? By choosing the right newsletter templates for Black Friday, targeting the right people and developing effective strategies. Let’s find out together. Best Black Friday Strategies for Email Marketing START EARLY WITH YOUR EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN Shoppers start flooding online stores at dawn. Make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to launch your email marketing campaign. Start early. You should at least plan your campaign a week in advance.

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We strongly recommend sending a series of three emails – the first should provide a quick overview of the expect good deals, the second should provide a better understanding of the vari offers, and the third should serve as a wake-up call. BUILD YOUR SUBSCRIBER LIST In order to execute a successful email B2B Reviews marketing strategy, it is necessary that you have an exhaustive list of your customers’ email addresses. Think about customers who have already purchas from you. It is much easier to keep your existing customers than to attract new ones.

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