We Will Talk About the Government Incentives That Benefit Smes

With the new definition updated last year. The number of smes in our country reached 3 million 470 thousand*. Nearly 10 thousand companies that gained sme status with the new definition began to benefit. From the current support programs of kosgeb, which continues to work to support. The activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. Kosgeb and the support. Programs we will detail below focus on solving the problems that smes currently. Have the most difficulty with, such as reaching new customers, changes in the economy. And competition with foreign companies in the sector. So, what are the current. Supports carried out by kosgeb: business development support program. Entrepreneurship support program r&d and innovation support program industrial.

Application Support Program

KOBI TEKNOYATIRIM: SME Technological Product Investment Support Program Strategic Product Support Program Industry Email List KOBIGEL – SME Development Support Program TEKNOPAZAR – Technological Product Promotion and Marketing Support Program Cooperation Support Program International Incubation Center and Accelerator Support Program Loan Interest Support Emerging Businesses Market SME Support Program KOSGEB Laboratory Services As can be seen from the program definitions, KOSGEB; It offers grants and interest-free loan support from 50 thousand TL to 5 million TL on many issues, from the corporatization of a new business idea to the commercialization of existing products, from the development of innovative products to the mass production of this product.

Whose support is most benefited by SMEs

In addition to KOSGEB supports, other supports that SMEs will benefit from depending on their activity diversity are the B2B Reviews R&D and Design Centers run by the General Directorate of R&D Incentives and the R&D incentives and grants run by TÜBİTAK TEYDEB (Technology and Innovation Support Programs Directorate). programs. According to the latest statistics announced by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, the number of R&D and Design Centers in our country has reached 1462. More than 70 percent of these centers were established by SMEs and consist of centers that develop automotive, white goods, machinery and software. 

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