Teydeb With More Than 20 Thousand Projects

The institution has made important changes. Within the scope of the support programs carried out by teydeb. With 2 important information published in the past months. ; in this context, 1501-industrial. Research technology development and innovation projects support. Program application principles, 1507-sme r&d startup support program application principles. 1509-international industrial r&d projects support program application. Principles and 1511-priority areas research technology development and it has been reported. That it has made arrangements in some articles of the innovation projects. Support program implementation principles.

Perhaps the most important

The changes made is the requirement to have. Sme status in order to Job Function Email Database apply for the 1501-industrial research technology. Development and innovation  projects support program after july 1, 2019. Thus, large-scale. Companies with more than 249 employees and/or annual turnover over. 125 million tl will not be able to apply to the 1501 program, which is constantly open to applications. Companies that do not have sme status will be able to apply. For call-based support programs (e.G. 1511-priority areas research technology development and innovation. Projects support program) after july 1, 2019. After the news. Of this restriction that will affect large-scale companies, I would like to talk about the regulations made. In teydeb programs that will benefit. The companies that will benefit from the supports.

TÜBİTAK made important changes

Its application principles so that companies that will benefit from all the B2B Reviews support programs it carries out can receive more support and have easier access to this support: 1- Prepayment up to 150,000 TL without Bank Guarantee: In advance payments (Transfer Payment), which were previously made only with Bank Guarantee Letter and KGF Guarantee Letter, with the change made, promissory notes issued by organizations will also be accepted as collateral. A one-time transfer of 150,000 TL can be made to organizations on a project basis in return for a promissory note. This regulation, which is valid for all 1501, 1507, 1509 and 1511 Programs, will begin to be implemented in projects for which support decisions are made after July 1, 2019.

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