Adapting packaging for older adults

As the population of older adults and people with disabilities grows, the demand for food and beverage containers that can be manipulat by them grows with the aim of improving the quality of life and health for this population sector. Improving and facilitating opening is essential in creating packaging adapted to older or disabled adults. Therefore, we seek to integrate other qualities that increase the quality of the products. An example of this is the incorporation of aromas that increase the sensory experience of this sector when consuming a food or drink. In this sense, various studies estimate that more than 50% of consumers between 60 and 70 years old encounter difficulties when handling packaging.

A percentage that

Rises to when we talk about consumers between 70 and 80 years old. adult-senior-containerIt is essential to improve and facilitate opening in the creation of packaging adapted to older or Job Function Email Database disabl adults. Photo: Freepik Be sure to see: These keys contribute to the constant evolution of the packaging industry Development of packaging that meets these needs According to specialists, older adults not only need products adapted to their needs, but also certain nutritional ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron. In this sense, AINIA Research Center is working on a project to develop new products designed to meet the needs.

Challenges of manufacturing adapted

Modify the products to the situations and needs of each type of population. Another Spanish project, develop by the . University of Alicante and Navilens, seeks to make products more accessible, in this case for people with visual disabilities . It is a technology that consists of including squares of high contrast colors in the packaging of different products. on a black background. With this development, which consists of an app, it is possible to read aloud all the B2B Reviews information about ingredients, allergens and recycling. In Spain, some products from important food and beverage brands already use it, including. museum. Packaging adapt to the.

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