Why do we hear so much about PLM? Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is not just a tool, but a real business. Philosophy that helps companies in the Fashion & Luxury sector to be more competitive. In the market, thanks to a 360° vision of every phase of the production process. product development, which starts from the idea and reaches the commercial launch in the point of sale or online. Thanks to the so-called “digital revolution”, PLM systems can be used by fashion companies throughout the product life cycle chain, from the definition of samples and collection details up to the packaging level and beyond, involving user experience.

Creativity and exclusivity guide the process and life cycle

Of fashion products which, unlike other Japan Telegram Number Data product categories, have a much shorter cycle leading to continuous updating of catalogs and product details. This continuous change requires the intervention of different company areas with a high exchange of information. In this context, a PLM solution promotes. The use of shared data thanks to real-time access to data (collected in a single structured environment). Thus simplifying collaboration between the team and improving product quality. Finding the right balance between process and organization can improve the efficiency of product. Life cycle management by eliminating redundant phases and promoting time to market .

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This means a faster production process

More items per season and more opportunities Brazil Phone Number List to sell in higher volumes. PLM functionality overview a clear overview of the PLM capabilities. Available to fashion companies will help you better understand the benefits. Many PLMs are organized into modules, so as to allow easy management of different users and processes, promoting coordination of all parties involved in the process and improving the commitment of resources as needed. An example of the most common modules are: Materials management: article, model, line and season are aggregated within a virtual library facilitating data traceability.

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